Email to SMS Service

With the service of sending SMS from Email can now send SMS to Cuba and the world from the comfort of your email, without having to install any additional software, just using your usual email client. The Email to SMS service supports any type of email service or server in your case without any limit.

How to send an SMS from your email?

To send a text message to any mobile phone from your email must do the following:

Subject: [not necessary, you can leave it blank]
Tell me How is everything? Regards

In case you want to send an SMS to a group of people, simply include all the numbers

Subject: [not necessary, you can leave it blank]
I invite you to participate in my graduation party.

It should be noted that:

- The mail must be sent from any of the email you registered on
- The number should contain the country code (in the case of Cuba, 53).
- No need to add "+" or "00" at the beginning of the number.
- The number must not take any hyphens or other grammatical punctuation, in this case the message will be ignored.
- In case your email server to incorporate some type of advertising may mark the end of the message by including two hyphens (--)



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