Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I register with
. Send SMS to Cuba and worldwide
. Organize your contacts in your address book
. Send messages to your friends quickly
. Send one message to group of people. It will save you valuable time
. Complete history of sent messages and delivery reports
. Send SMS from your email

Why my SMS is not delivered to the recipient?
Are you sure that this mobile provider is whitin our coverage network?
You can check the coverage network here.

I forgot my password...
With your e-mail address you can request your password here.

Not received confirmation email
Please check your "Junk" or "Bulk" folders because the email might have gotten there
If you can not find there, please contact us'

How fast arrive my SMS?
Usually within seconds, but depends entirely of the country network. Our system sends SMS instantly.

Why some SMS are delivered multiple times?
This happens in very rare circumstances. This may occur when customer are on roaming, or in a very low signal belt. If you continues to face the same problem you can contact us.

Why I can't login to
Have you checked your credentials? If you're positive, and still are unable to log in, please contact us.

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